12.     Glossary




Bettering the Evaluation and care of Health

Department, The

Australian Government Department of Health


Australian Government Department of Human Services


General practitioner

High-value care

Services of proven efficacy reflecting current best medical practice, or for which the potential benefit to consumers exceeds the risk and costs.

Inappropriate use / misuse

The use of MBS services for purposes other than those intended. This includes a range of behaviours ranging from failing to adhere to particular item descriptors or rules, through to deliberate fraud.

Low-value care

The use of an intervention that evidence suggests confers no, or very little, benefit on patients, or for which the risk of harm exceeds the likely benefit, or, more broadly, for which the added costs of the intervention do not provide proportional added benefits.

MBS item

An administrative object listed in the MBS and used for the purposes of claiming and paying Medicare benefits, comprising an item number, service descriptor and supporting information, Schedule fee and Medicare benefits.

MBS service

The actual medical consultation, procedure or test to which the relevant MBS item refers.


Medical Services Advisory Committee

Obsolete services

Services that should no longer be performed, as they do not represent current clinical best practice and have been superseded by superior tests or procedures.


Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme