4.           Areas of responsibility of the PE and DVT Working Group

The principal purpose of this review was to consider:

1. whether current items reflect contemporary best clinical practice based on scientific data

2. whether patients have access to health services that have the potential to improve health outcomes through improved diagnostic accuracy and decision-making and/or harm reduction

3. whether changes to item descriptors, item existence, scope of referral privileges and location of items in clinical sections would support evidence-based practice and more appropriate utilisation or would allow more accurate evaluation of utilisation patterns.

Relevant MBS items for PE and DVT were reviewed.  The review drew on various types of MBS data, including data on utilisation of items (services, benefits, patients, providers and growth rates); service provision (type of provider, geography of service provision); patients (demographics and services per patient); co-claiming or episodes of services (same-day claiming and claiming with specific items over time); and additional provider and patient-level data, when required. The review also drew on data presented in the relevant literature and clinical guidelines, all of which are referenced in the report. Guidelines and literature were sourced primarily from Choosing Wisely Australia.