8.           Glossary



Department, The

Australian Government Department of Health


Australian Government Department of Human Services

MBS item

An administrative object listed in the MBS and used for the purposes of claiming and paying Medicare benefits, comprising an item number, service descriptor and supporting information, Schedule fee and Medicare benefits.

MBS service

The actual medical consultation, procedure, test to which the relevant MBS item refers.


Medical Services Advisory Committee

Multiple operation rule

A rule governing the amount of Medicare benefit payable for multiple operations performed on a patient on the one occasion. In general, the fees for two or more operations are calculated by the following rule:

- 100% for the item with the greatest Schedule fee

- plus 50% for the item with the next greatest Schedule fee

- plus 25% for each other item.

Obsolete services

Services that should no longer be performed as they do not represent current clinical best practice and have been superseded by superior tests or procedures.